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EMCC_Circle_Logo_White_LARGEThrough cardiovascular testing performed by Wimbledon Athletics, “Last Chance U” East Mississippi Community College is protecting the health of their student athletes and paving the way for them to pursue their goals. READ MORE

The goal of Lower Cape May Regional High School is to get their heart-related incidents down to zero and to help save lives through cardiovascular testing performed by Wimbledon Athletics. READ MORE

“This team is hands down the best techs we’ve had. The way they interact with each other and the way they interact with the athletes is nothing short of amazing. They show a sense of sincerity, professionalism, companionship, and trust within each other. Each of them have talked to the athletes and have made each athlete feel like they’re the most important person in the room while they’re working with them.”
Steven Everett, ATC/LAT, Georgia Military College
“Knowing that young athletes suffer sudden cardiac arrest, often with no prior symptoms, I know I have done my part in helping make sure my students are protected by having them tested by Wimbledon Athletics. And for those who were identified with pre-existing cardiovascular issues, I can now help them take the necessary precautions to help prevent a tragedy.”
Dean Broxterman, LAT/ATC, Richland High School
“I am always trying to make our athletic environment as safe for our students as I possibly can. Having Wimbledon Athletics come on campus to test our students for cardiovascular abnormalities was yet another opportunity for us to show our parents how dedicated we are to the safety of our athletes. I found Wimbledon Athletics very easy to work with and the technicians were pleasant and quite self-sufficient when they arrived. As an Athletic Director, I have minimal time to take on new projects and it was was nice that they required little involvement on my part.”
Dale Hoover, AD, Palmetto Christian Academy
“I think cardiac testing at high schools will be the norm in the near future and that states will be requiring it five or 10 years down the road. Lower Cape May Regional High School is the first school in the area to offer this testing, and I’m hopeful that more will follow suit in order to protect their students. Last year we had five heart-related episodes, and my goal is to get that number to zero by continuing to test our student athletes through Wimbledon Athletics.”
Frank Zilinek, ATC, Lower Cape May Regional High School
“I am a huge supporter of the cardiovascular testing performed this fall on campus. Working in an endurance sport, this testing is one way we can stay ahead of any potential issues and further treat and protect our athletes. Hopefully it will become more prevalent for athletic departments across the country.”
Jay Koloseus, Head Cross Country Coach, Louisburg College
“We really liked the process Wimbledon had in place. It was very straightforward without requiring a lot of effort on the school’s part. And, most importantly, it was the comprehensive testing we wanted performed on our athletes to make sure they were safe.”
Steven Bontrager, ATC, East Mississippi Community College
“Any chance I get, I share the story about Wimbledon and what they did for my son—they saved my baby.”
“Without this testing, we wouldn’t have known about Jordan’s condition until it was too late.”
Mrs. Powell Dorsey, Mother of Jordan Powell
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