Slaton High School Marching Band Member Recovering After Experiencing Cardiac Arrest at Football Game


Isaac Dabila, a student and member of the marching band at Slaton High School, collapsed at a football game Friday evening. First responders initially thought Dabila was having a panic attack, but after being transported to Covenant Children’s Hospital where he was treated in the ER, doctors discovered Dabila suffered from sudden cardiac arrest as a result of an undetected heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW).

Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) is a syndrome in which an extra electrical pathway in the heart causes a rapid heartbeat. Isaac’s mother Chapa, was surprised when doctors diagnosed her son with WPW. Outside of this incident, “Isaac has been extremely healthy, the most serious illnesses he experienced were colds and mild asthma”, Chapa said.

Julee Becker, Superintendent for Slaton ISD, shared this Instagram post:

Marching band member suffers SCA

We have had many phone calls, texts and social media messages checking on Isaac. His mom has given us permission to update our Slaton family on his condition. Last night at our football game, Isaac Dabila suffered a cardiac arrest. This occurred at the very end of the game right before the school song. First responders were there to stabilize Isaac and get him to medical facilities quickly. He is currently in ICU and is expected to be there for the next several days. Thank you to our many students, parents and school leaders that joined us at the hospital and stayed praying until the early morning hours. Please keep Isaac’s family in your thoughts and prayers as his medical team determines the cause and treats him for healing. Please pray as well for our band members who were there and witnessed it. We have an amazing community who supports and truly cares for each other. #family #tigernationproud #prayforIsaac

This experience isn’t unfamiliar to the Slaton ISD community.

“We did have this happen about a year ago and I think a lot of our family will remember that,”  said Julee Becker, Superintendent of Schools at Slaton ISD.

Nearly a year ago, football player Xavier Ramirez collapsed during a game due to a slightly different version of the same condition, Becker explained.

Becker said that she’s grateful that both events happened on the football field near trained medical professionals.

“I’m so thankful that we’ve had the outcomes we’ve had because it could have been a lot different except for the medical care that they were able to receive quickly,” she said.

Most people who have an extra electrical pathway in the heart experience no fast heartbeat and no symptoms. This is yet another example of why preventative testing is so important for students.

Wimbledon Health Partners, is the industry leader in on-site diagnostic testing for athletic programs and physicians nationwide. Early detection of an undiagnosed cardiovascular condition is the best prevention from sudden cardiac arrest.

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