There was a ‘significant delay’ in providing life-saving treatment for Dunbar player who died, attorney says

Star Ifeacho died from sudden cardiac arrest due to cardiomyopathy, a heart abnormality that can be identified through cardiac testing. The attorney who represents Star’s estate and his mother said there was a “significant delay” in using an AED to try to save Star’s life.

Preventative cardiovascular testing should be schools’ first line of defense against sudden cardiac arrest in their student athletes, not AEDs.

Not all students with undiagnosed heart conditions will suffer SCA during a sporting event, where there is likely to be access to AEDs and medical professionals who know what to do.

Not all resuscitation attempts using an AED are successful when it comes to saving the lives of student athletes.

Diagnosing a heart abnormality proactively, before a cardiac event happens, is the best way to help prevent tragedies such as these. Knowledge allows athletes and their families to address a heart condition early and take the appropriate measures to keep themselves safe.

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